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Doors of the city

Romans have left an important prove in Osimo city

At the tips of the Cardo and the Decumano

If we had chance to fly over the hill, we would see how the urban conglomerate had taken during the time the form of a “left foot”, that it pushes out with the point towards the sea. Watching the principal streets it will appear evident the orthogonal map of the ancient roman Castro, with the Cardo and the Decumano (actual Corso Mazzini) in which tips are situated the doors of the city.

MUSONE'S DOOR – Roman door at the south of the ancient city walls, in which the Nuceria street enters in the city, that continues to Ancona. The guardian house behind the defense wall is very important. It was called in mediaeval age “Porta Caldarara” for the presence of Calderai, who worked in that zone. Situated in the Borgo Guarnieri, we can find a Madonna’s picture, who had in her arms Jesus.

SAINT GIACOMO'S DOOR – called also Porta Borgo, it was the roman door situated in the north of the city walls, where the way to Ancona went out. It was built the actual door between 1487 and 1488. Today the arch of 5 century is still visible with the inscription “Vetus Auximum” on the wedges.

VACCARO'S DOOR – It is the door situated at the East of the city, called also “Three Arches’s Door” from 1937, when it was extended with the two side minor arches. The emblem on the principal arch is the citizen one. Climbing on the door we can see a beautiful view of the countries that ends to Adriatic sea, towards Monte Conero and Castelfidardo.

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